Lakeland Theatre

Mark E. Taylor Theatre
P.O. Box 130
411 Mosby Ave.
Littleton, NC  27850
(252) 586-3124
Toll Free: (877) 330-0574

 Community Theatre At Its Best!

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Why Community Theater is Important:

“Community theatre is the most important theatre in the United States. It is the grassroots theatre of this country. It is inclusive by nature and by necessity (all other forms of theatre, professional and academic, are exclusive). It is the first theatre that most of us see, it is the first theatre that gives us a chance to join in, and it is the last theatre we know before we are gone.

"The people who participate in community theatre cross all boundaries of race, sex, age, religion, or social strata. They come together and, in a brief period of time, work collectively and collaboratively to create a piece of art that their neighbors, near and far, will enjoy.

"Our community theatre creates and whets the appetite of audiences to see other theatre in other communities. Because people are willing to walk through our doors, they will always be excited about entering any theatre.”

Michael Spicer
Executive Director
Salina Community Theatre 
Salina, KS