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A Christmas Carol Cast/Crew List:
(November/December 2009 - Lakeland)

CAST (in order of appearance)
A Beadle Joel Askew
Three Charity Men Paul Neuer, Rosalie Steele, Marlene Smith
Mr. Smythe Jack Underwood
Grace Smythe Alexis Carter
Ebenezer Scrooge Brady Martin
Bob Cratchit Keith Zammit
Martha Cratchit Cristina Guttersen
Mrs. Cratchit Anne Beichner
Tiny Tim Madison Harmon
Poulterer Jack Underwood
Fred Anderson Wyatt Greer
Jonathan Morgan Harmon
Ghost of Christmas Past / Lamp Lighter Tia Bedwell
Ghost of Christmas Present / Sandwich board man Daniel Dunlow
Ghost of Christmas Future / Blind old hag Moira Underwood
Mrs. Mops Rosalie Steele
Jacob Marley Bill Young
Marley's Six Acolytes Anne Beichner, Hannah Eure, Caleb Burroughs, Marlene Smith, Michael Marshall, Renford Lynch
Judge Bob Haltenhoff
Scrooge at 8 Caleb Burroughs
Scrooge's father Daniel Dunlow
Scrooge's mother Diana Marker
Mr. Hawkens Paul Neuer
Scrooge at 12 Caleb Burroughs
Fan at 10 Alexis Carter
Fezziwig Jack Underwood
Young Ebenezer (Scrooge at 18) Daniel Dunlow
Young Marley Drew Young
Emily Cristina Guttersen
Mrs. Fezziwig Ruth Morgan / Anne Biechner
Two Grannies Mary Lou Burroughs, Moira Underwood
Abundance and Charity Toy Soldiers Tia Bedwell, Renford Lynch, Diana Marker, Ruth Morgan, Michael Marshall, Marlene Smith, Cristina Guttersen
Sally Anderson Cristina Guttersen
Two Undertakers Paul Neuer, Drew Young
Old Joe Joel Askew
Street People Ashley Smith, Brittany Smith
Director Wally Hurst
Asst Director Mary Ann Whitemore
Music Director Buster Freeze
Choreographers Maria Hurst, Terry Newsom
Stage Manager Drew Young
Asst Stage Manager Cassi Schulz
Stage Crew Landon Martin, Virginia Martin
Light Design Wally Hurst
Light Tech Leslie Carver
Sound Design Gavin Guttersen
Sound Tech Tammy Martin
Costumes Ruth Morgan, Kathey Guttersen, Maria Hurst, Moira Underwood
Set design and construction Cast & crew
Scenic Painting Wanda Flythe