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Mark E. Taylor Theatre
P.O. Box 130
411 Mosby Ave.
Littleton, NC  27850
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Toll Free: (877) 330-0574

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I Do! I Do! Cast/Crew List:
(February 2008 - Lakeland and The Centre at HCC)

He (Michael) Gary Hackenburg
She (Agnes) Denise Hackenburg
Director Wally Hurst
Music Director Dwight Berry
Asst Director Leslie Carver
Stage Manager Leslie Carver
Asst Stage Manager Marlene Smith
Asst Stage Manager Martha Nida
Choreography Maria Hurst
Light / Sound Design Wally Hurst
Costumer Moira Underwood
Hat Construction Michael Smith
Preshow / Intermission Music Design Leslie Carver
Program / Graphics Bob Haltenhoff
Special Thanks To:
Warrenton Furniture Exchange Gavin Guttersen
Jonathan Stout