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The Witches Cast/Crew List:
(October 2007)

Boy Hank Pelfrey
Grandmother Patsy Smith
Grand High Witch Corey Roberts
Bruno Evan Mauerman
Display Witch / First Witch Tessa Eller
Doorman / Head Waiter Steve Pelfrey
Lawyer / Waiter / Second Chef Jack Underwood
Sailor / Doctor / Mr. Jenkins / Head Chef John Peters
Tree House Witch / Voice of Maid Moira Underwood
Frog / Puppeteer Julianna Andrews
Second Witch Melissa Wells
The Witches April Andrews, Juliana Andrews, Taylor Campbell, Amber Guttersen, Cristina Guttersen, Mildred Howell, Shana Mauerman, Kelsey Smith (also puppeteer), Melissa Wells
Director Wally Hurst
Stage Manager Kathey Guttersen
Asst Stage Manager Will Cox
Technical Advisor Gavin Guttersen
Set Construction Steve Pelfrey, Hank Pelfrey, Emma Pelfrey, Wally Hurst, Jack Underwood, Kathey Guttersen, Kelsey Smith, Don Roberts
Costumes Ruth Morgan, Maria Hurst
Light Design Wally Hurst
Light Tech Peggy Kimble
Sound Design Gavin Guttersen
Sound Tech Evan Harris
Pyrotechnic Design CTS/Live On Stage Productions