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Cinderella and Friends Cast/Crew List:
(March 2006)

Mouse, Narrator 4, Girl (Dog & Bone), Number Bearer, Lady 2 Elyse Brown
Reporter 2, Miller, Chicken 1, King Dennis Dooling
Pond, Son (The Miller, the Son and the Donkey) Taylor Edwards
Miss Tortoise, Stepmother Judy Hand
Lounge Singer, Lion, Grumpy Old Guy, Griselda Don Heagren
Woman 2 (in Miller), Fairy Godmother Janice Ingledue
Narrator 2, Fox, Activist 2, Frump Mike Kelly
Miss Hare, Grapes Susan King
Dog, Narrator 3, Prince Mark Kuchenbrod
Narrator 1, Woman 1 (Dog & Bone & Lion & Mouse), Queen Ruth Morgan
L. Girl (Dog & Bone), Girl (Lion & Mouse), Lady 3 Joanna Nixon
L. Girl (Dog & Bone), Girl 2 ( Miller), Girl (Country Maid), Lady 1 Erica Peters
Activist 1, Prime Minister John Peters
L. (Dog & Bone), Girl 1 (Miller) Lady 4 Mary Catherine Peters
Girl (Tortoise & Hare), Country Maid, Cinderella Ashley Ruggeri
Butcher, Matilda Jack Underwood
Reporter 1, Donkey, Chicken 2, Duke Rylan Vick
Lord of the Court, tech Will Ward
Director Terry Harris